First Post

izen is the anonym I use to post and blog about any stuff and nonsense that I feel like writing about.

My interests run from Epistemology,   I am deeply unconvinced by Platonic Duality and can easily get diverted into the complexities of Popperian falsification, circular validations like that which uses logic to justify the use of logic and the implications of the Godel and Church-Turing work…


epicave_100To the most ephemeral and trivial of details about obscure music and animation creation.

My main interest tends to be how material reality impacts on human concepts of ethical behaviour. This has resulted in many happy hours spent discussing the arcane details of evolutionary biology or climate physics with those apparently convinced that such knowledge is used to justify an ideological, theological or political position. So Young Earth Creationists and biological determinism on gender roles have both been targets over the years, as has the ongoing climate controversy for my attention and occasional responses. This blog is partly to condense and refine some of the understanding I have gained from trying to form my own ideas into a coherent response to the various concepts and opinions that I have encountered on the net.

Blogs are an ecology where the  qualities of concepts and ideas can be pitted against each other to see if the outcome is the survival of the fittest. An arena for the evolution of memes. This is one reason why Blogs and posts can become so heated and uncivil. If you are advancing an idea into a hostile environment then good defensive and offensive capabilities on behalf of that idea may make it more successful in the ‘red in tooth and claw’ world of opinion blogs.

However such deep stuff is likely to be diluted by my long-term interest in music and computer graphics. I hope to use this blog to review music and visual media I like or admire, as well as discussing the technical aspects of music arrangement and video editing.

This is the second draft of the -ABOUT-  page I have written, a much longer and more exhaustive description of my attitudes and intentions for this blog was consigned to the bitbin with an accidental click… I will probably re-edit and modify this as time goes by, but will perhaps retain this original in an archive so that it serve as an ETHOS. Used in the philosophically technical sense of an absolute set of principles set up arbitrarily as a fixed point from which the divergence of real behaviour can be measured.

2 responses to “First Post

  1. FYI: “izen” means “name” in Basque language. I thought you might want to know.


  2. I have a post explaining how the name, anonyname? came about.
    Nothing to do with language or meaning beforehand…
    But to cut a long story short,
    First name = cit


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