Indulgent Self-reference

Or possibly ,
referential self-indulgence, or even,
self-indulgent self-reference…

The reasons for an anonym or internet avatar/handle/pseudonym go back into the mists of time and can be reserved for another post.
So many posts to make, so few ideas, why waste one that can be split into two…
So the name –


Was a serendipitous invention. Faced with yet another Forum signup webform my mind went blank when it asked for  names. and feeling particularly republican for some long forgotten reason I could only think of citizen… something… no I couldn’t think of name so the form got filled –
LAST NAME – izen

As a result izen was my screen name on a number of discussion sites and I found I liked it.
Simple, four letters and it linked in with the graphics and animation design I was trying to do at the time.
This was an age when the animated gif, flashing away in you web page was regarded as the height of cool.
izen was a bad pun on the style of soft transition, restful animated graphics I was interested in doing.

I was not unaware of its paradoxical meaning for the Buddhist tradition it referenced either. As a friend rather more well versed in the spiritual aspects of Zen pointed out, the sense of self, or ‘ i ‘ is rejected by Zen teachings, they really don’t go together.
As the song lyric says_
“Does getting into Zappa mean getting out of Zen?”
(anyone know the source without looking it up?)

So that is why, or how I have ended up using the name – izen – for the last decade or more, its first use predates the ipad or iphone!

UPDATE from comment;- FYI: “izen” means “name” in Basque language. I thought you might want to know.


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