AGW! Why Worry?

AGW? – Why Worry!              An animated discussion.

This is an attempt to cover the basics of AGW and why responding with action on emissions is not only justifiable, but a clear necessity given the present conditions and the indications from past events. Here is the video, comments welcome!

And here is the script, again if anyone wants to question elements, or suggest improvements I would be interested to hear them. I would be happy to discuss the science presented here, or the strength of the arguments for action. I certainly do not see this as a definitive final product and if anyone has ideas for improvement to the script or visual presentation I will be happy to discuss them.

But as well as the content and style of the video essay, I am also interested in the details of animation and video effects editing. I intend at some point in the near future to do a tutorial video on the turbulent displace effect in the distort menu of Adobe After Effects which was used to create the flame, burning fuse, animated words, flaming sun, broiling cloud and reflections in rippling water amongst others. It is a very versatile and useful effect for generating animations that might otherwise involve particle systems or stock footage.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SCRIPT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

. Ever since humans started to slash and burn forests for crops CO2 has been rising – Pause At an accelerating rate since we started burning coal and oil Some claim we have made the Earth into a heat bomb and further emissions will light the fuse. Is this true ? No That is just alarmist, the sort of thing said by hysterical greens and irrational leftists Some things in science are beyond rational doubt The heliocentric solar system and our common ancestry with apes and other life on earth In climate science there are three things settled. One] CO2 levels in the air are rising and we are the cause. Two] The physics of CO2 absorption increases the temperature gradient from surface to troposphere when levels rise. Three] It is warming already.

That is AGW. there is a web of evidence from multiple sources supporting this theory. Some raise the flag of uncertainty, but what remains uncertain Is not whether it will warm but how much . Not what will happen but how much it will cost. Actress. – Bishop

History can guide us by revealing the price of past climate changes. Since the dawn of civilisation, Changing climate has driven societies and nations to collapse. In the last two centuries there have been many famines killing millions of people. The link between the ENSO extremes and famine is well established. A much smaller, and temporary shift in climate than any expected from AGW according to nearly all scientific opinion. And governments often pursued policies that make the problem worse. There is even a Biblical precedent for rulers to listen to expert advice to avoid disaster. [Joseph. PHARAOHS SEVEN FAT LEAN COWS]

——————- END. ——————-

Additional comments. We want to keep the present global population, perhaps a little more, in the manner to which we in the affluent West have become accustomed. Or better. We cannot do that with fossil fuels. There is not enough, and the attempt combined with the cumulative load we have already added would drive climate change, which we know from history is a dangerous, destabilising factor with its massive impact on agriculture. We may worry about AGW because climate change would make it more difficult to reach the goals we have for the global population. But the sunk investment and economic inertia (and interests) risks continued use of fossil fuels not because they are certain it is safe to do so, but because it is uncertain how much worse it may make things before we are forced to change.


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3 responses to “AGW! Why Worry?

  1. I knew I’d heard you somewhere before.


  2. Ah, I would be very flattered if you meant the Narrator, Peter Jones who does the voice-over on the wonderful animations that were done for the TV version of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy!

    But I had problems, the voice-over artiste’s first effort sounded like a mumbling chav-accented idiot. The second effort was little better after trying for the Radio 4, Home Service Shipping forecast style. Then the sound engineer decided to apply excessive amounts of vintage opto-compression and parametric EQ plus a ‘speech emphasizer’ plug-in they had…

    So I expect you mean the philosopher Vroomfondel Who around the 5:50 mark demands rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty. A sentiment with which I have more than a quantum of sympathy.


  3. The narrator it was. Be flattered 🙂


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