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Audio-Visual Easter Egg

Watermelon in Easter Hay

This is just a tryout, a first draft to test the integration of the audio recording and visual editing system. I hope there will be future posts with rather better sorted animation and audio. However it is nice to have a day of noodling with sound and graphics and see what happens. This is a direct steal of a Zappa riff and song… Continue reading


Cities, regulation and coal

Sometimes, those who reject the serious potential threats from CO2 emissions driving global warming accuse those who highlight the possible impacts of climate change of wanting to return to a simple agrarian life. That the motivation is a wish to regulate out of existence modern technological society and entrepreneurial capitalism. The opposite is true. Regulation is a necessary feature of civilisation, required to make the urban environment and the manufacture of products possible.

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Climate Change at the BBC.

I am a little late to the party, the programs I want to talk about were broadcast last week, March 2nd -5th*. Work and other video editing have delayed this, and a couple of ‘how to’ video editing posts, and a ambient-minimalist audio-visual bit of nonsense… so no graphics, but anyway

Climate Change by Numbers
Climate Change: a Horizon Guide.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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A little exercise in video editing and animation FX to advertise a local music, and beer, festival.chiddfrest2015 Continue reading