A little exercise in video editing and animation FX to advertise a local music, and beer, festival.chiddfrest2015


Well the climate scene has been quiet, yes there has been the Pachauri soft-porn resignation and the too Soon to say froth. It may indicate a small shift in the social acceptability of denialism in the political field. It was strangely refreshing to find there is an American senator with communist links (at least he sort of had links a few decades ago when he was a local council member) Although that had more to do with the US communist party trying to ‘infiltrate’ civil rights movements. In the case of Raúl M. Grijalva  it was the Aztalan/Chicano immigrant radicals.
Still, it is nice to find that there is a ‘balancing’ radicalism on the left of US politics to go with the rabid dogmatism of the Tea-Baggers.

Have been distracted instead by doing a little video-vert for a local festival. I went to last years event, a small <1000 people with good music, good beer and good weather. I also knew some of the people involved.

Here is the LINK to the website for this years festival, could be good with good weather….

I don’t expect anyone to believe this, but the visuals were all edited without any sound. I then went and got the music from the BLOCKHEADS track that is linked to on the Chiddfest website. They are one of the booked bands. I dropped it onto the video and played it through expecting to have to re-time the visuals to match. The audio-visual match you see is what was there without any editing. Serendipity or what!

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