Audio-Visual Easter Egg

Watermelon in Easter Hay

This is just a tryout, a first draft to test the integration of the audio recording and visual editing system. I hope there will be future posts with rather better sorted animation and audio. However it is nice to have a day of noodling with sound and graphics and see what happens. This is a direct steal of a Zappa riff and song…


Sounds a bit like bad Badalamenti after I have mangled it. Perhaps I should do another version and practice the bass part a little more …-Grin-

If you are interested more in the current climate than corny CGI and ambient audio see the previous post.

Please feel free to comment.

One response to “Audio-Visual Easter Egg

  1. Integration of the graphics and musical rhythm is quite catchy. Keyboard strings are a good match too, bass might be a little busy!


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