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Fat Chance

Those that follow the climate change issue may be aware of the low opinion that Matt Ridley is viewed with by people who accept the mainstream scientific position and the opprobrium with which his pronouncements on this matter are often greeted. His financial interests in fossil fuel, he owns a coal mine, do not help but his support of the contrarian view of AGW is also rooted in the political position that rejects the science because the policy choices it implies are an anathema to the hardline free market position he supports. This seems to be the basis for the GWPF advocacy. Some who find his denial, or at least his minimisation of the established climate science objectionable express puzzlement that someone who writes such good books on biology and genetics  can be so wrong on this issue. Others who have a knowledge of the biology he presents in those works that goes beyond the popularist exposition he gives may already have a lower opinion of his work. Continue reading


Hamm and Clov

With due acknowledgement to the original Beckett, and apologies to those better writers who have taken his absurdist nihilism as a suitable vehicle to pastiche when commenting on the futility of the Climate wars… Continue reading


Another couple of minutes of sound and vision…
No colour or taste has been spared to put together some abstract animated visuals and some simple minimalist sounds.


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