Another couple of minutes of sound and vision…
No colour or taste has been spared to put together some abstract animated visuals and some simple minimalist sounds.


It is almost a year since I got the software and hardware to play around with video editing and mixing in the same way as has been possible to do with music and audio for some time. This is the first result of actually trying to construct the visual animation with some shared idea of the rhythms and structure of the music, and arranging, (composing is too strong a term!) the music with some reference to the mood and possible evolution of the visuals.

This is far from a definitive, or even very successful, effort along these lines. But it is the first mix applying that concept of shaping the sound and visuals together.


Update: – The AbstractMinima video has been remixed to compensate for the tendency of Youtube to process and compress an uploaded video so that it is darker, and the sound more muffled than the original. A Brighter, sound and picture, version was made to try and correct for that.

Well it is certainly full of .. visual events! I will aim for something a little less optically frenetic on future projects, but the opportunity to just go overboard with the mix, and turn everything up to 11 was irresistible.

Those familiar with any surreal or psychedelic style videos and minimalist music will probably spot the influences and steals. Apparently this sort of thing is said to mimic the effects of certain chemicals on visual perception. I must admit I have never had any induced visions anything like the visual animations I am able to create with these resources.

I have used music software since Cubase (a music recording and arranging program) came out for the Atari. Long before Microsoft managed to get a working version of Windows. The methods of layering different sounds, applying effects and balancing the audio landscape turns out to have deep similarities to animating and video editing and mixing.

Various people have made attempts in the past to combine music/audio and visual imagery, what I am experimenting with here is not a novel or particularly new idea. But whether it is Svankmajer’s stop motion work or Disney’s Fantasia, the difficulties of production rather limit the amount of work that can be done. Modern computing power and software provides a means of much more readily mixing and editing both sound and vision. Like the advent of printing or the photograph, audio-video mixing technology opens up the possibilities.

This is already changing the way people ( especially the younger generations) ‘read’ the world and the information around them. Increasingly it comes via a screen (and earphones) and is mediated, mixed and created by human hand. More and more of the audio and visual world we experience is a construct, with the grammar and syntax or human creativity. I watch with fascination and delight as this new language of communication evolves. Shaped by the preferences people have and the technical ability to shape the message.

Adverts present the most clear example of this language evolution. Look at how they have changed over the last few decades. The pace and content is now radically different. Only in the cheapest and most ‘old-fashion’ will you find a straight, single level narrative with natural, unedited or enhanced visuals. That is the medium that makes money, it HAS to evolve the most effective audio-visual language to communicate. It also has the money to fund the most expensive technical means of production, which is why all the high-end liquid simulation and modeling effects are first seen in the latest multi-million budget movie, and the car adverts before it.

This may not seem to have much to do with the retina-searing bit of audio-visual indulgence I am showing here. But while my aims, to explore the interaction between sound and vision and the synergies that can arise, is part of the same field. The technological capabilities I am having so much fun experimenting with are the same effects that are increasing used to enhance and expand the content (if not substance) of the ocean of material we now consume via an artificial display.

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