3 min doodle…

3 Minutes of sound and graphics, a diversion from ongoing projects.  Irish sky and a ‘lost’ FZ solo?timelapse sunrise

UPDATE: This is new edit of the original. When proof-reading, you may be happy with the form, structure and grammar, content it conveys what you intend, but it always seems to be AFTER I post that I spot the typos (or/of) and clunky sentence. Same with proof-watching, it only after posting I spot the glitches and clunky edits and itch to tidy them up!

Actually the outcome of experiments with a new/old 3D program and bro Ed found a guitar tone that reminded him of F.Z and so the ‘lost solo’ was recorded to a basic 4x B&D. Should be watched at full screen and full volume of course. -grin-
Most of the dance mix was added later.

I recently found and re-installed an old piece of software that I had used in the past, but which stopped being updated about 8 years ago. Bryce is a 3D animation and rendering program that was famous in the early days of CGI for the ‘realistic’ rocks, water and skys that it could produce. I discovered that a version is available at Daz3d which seems so far to be stable and have all the features working. The last version I encountered was v5 which was released when Corel bought the software, that had several key features disabled. The Daz version is v7 (apparently!). You do get offered Daz3D’s own software program – which is free. Their business model seems to be based on selling you software models of Game characters, especially the nubile female ones. So if you want your own poseable Lara Croft (!) you can buy one.

Bryce is still the clunky, near-unusable interface it ever was. Impossible to model much except landscapes and sky, but its real feature is the most sophisticated and adjustable procedural texture generator there is.

To mimic natural organic patterns and generate such convincing rock and stone textures, as Bryce does, it employs a large range of mathematical algorithms that generate fractal, chaotic and aperiodic noise and patterns. The Bryce deep texture editor gives you access to an unlimited palette of colour and texture possibilities that look ‘natural’ and make sense visually in a 2D or 3D context. Nothing comes close to generating an infinite diversity of animated wallpaper! Just point the camera at a flat surface and move/rotate the applied texture in the top level texture editor. The keyframe system is unpredictable, in fact the whole program is idiosyncratic, but that makes the serendipity of finding something interesting and unusual all the more fun.

Some timelapse video of the Sky during a holiday in Ireland also got included, Bryce can certainly generate a wide variety of realistic skies, but as the guitar line just happens to match the Irish sunrise clouds… Otherwise an attempt was made to keep the visuals fx minimal with only subtle links between sound and vision.


2 responses to “3 min doodle…

  1. Nice. Very tubey guitar – Satriani comes to mind.


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