Impossible Nightmare Scenario

Indulging in serendipitous news gathering via Youtube has its dangers as I have mentioned before. Whatever algorithm suggests new videos can lead from the merely obsessive to beyond the ridiculous.
This nightmare scenario is obviously the product of this, a concatenation of disparate reports


Impossible because the two groups involved are not clearly delineated so could not collude in the way imagined. They hold contradictory and incompatible political ideologies. Each side regards the other as the paradigmatic example of the enemy. To the extent that they are defined by their opposition and declaimed opposite-ness to the other.

So why imagine that any common ground could be found, or even an unwitting symbiosis could emerge? That I think is the consequence of ingesting too much youtube and news report polemic causing conspiracy ideation!

As El Nino boosts the impact of the present climate change, those still reluctant to admit even a significant change or human agency  are likely to redouble efforts to broadcast the doubt. Organisation like the Heartland institute or GWPF would value a means of discrediting climate science further.

Meanwhile… It is a multi stranded, movement with complex levels, but the rise of an activist feminist trope in academia has made the news. Various respected academics who have abused their position of power to bully or exploit those below them, especially if that involved sexual abuse of female students, have been exposed and held to account. Further than that, departments, or fields of study that were felt to be exclusionary, mostly male or uncomfortable environments for female students were challenged to reform. The STEM program is linked to this.

Departments that have been subject to this process have not always enjoyed the results. One philosophy department invited in the new SJW influenced educational oversight body, and found itself reformed out of existence. A wholly governed subsection of the Dean’s office, losing a long history of being independently managed by the academics in charge. A method that like many famous labs and groups in the past had gained a reputation from the very personal involvement and shaping by the leading academics within the department or field.

Some of this is a unholy collaboration between the SJW who crusade against fields of academic study that exhibit male privilege and university governors who want greater central control of departments for commercial reasons. Social reform and educational commodification running hand in hand.

How nightmarish it would be if the SJW and the Climate mitigation avoiders made deliberate or accidental common cause and undermined climate science. Suppose instead of accusations of fraud and comparisons to a gross abuse case Mann and other scientists involved in research and teaching were targeted for the misogyny of the climate science field. Its failure to welcome and accept the female perspective on climate change.

How conveniently a narrative of elite male privilege and perhaps the occasional scandal would feed into the Heartland/GWPF narrative that the science was unsettled. Any evidence that climate science was feminist friendly, or trying to include such perspectives could also be used as a stick to beat the science from the other side of the cultural divide.

This idea of diversity in science has had some traction in the blogosphere as seen here and here. And an example of what could emerge is evident in this,

This paper thus proposes a feminist glaciology framework with four key components: 1) knowledge producers; (2) gendered science and knowledge; (3) systems of scientific domination; and (4) alternative representations of glaciers. Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology,



One response to “Impossible Nightmare Scenario

  1. G’day Izen,

    I share your scepticism regarding any information gleaned from YouTube, which should generally be regarded merely as a source of entertainment.

    I’m a bit puzzled about feminist geology (your final link). When studying my own undergraduate degree in geology in the early 1980s, some of my best lecturers were female. While the nature of economic geology, involving as it does extensive field work in remote locations, meant it was always going to be a male-dominated field, the females who did work in the field were well-regarded, and I do not recall gender ever being an issue. Clearly a lot of anger and resentment lies behind any sort of world-view that could produce “feminist glaciology”. How much of that is actually merited I leave to your judgement.


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