back again

Back again

After such a long absence from posting it is customary to return with a reason. A tale of events somehow proportional to the length of the gap. But a large part of it was indolence.

Certainly there were the real world logistics of summer holidays work and family to distract. But nothing exceptional.
There are two reasons for not posting anything new recently.

Reasons, reasons…

First, there has been nothing in the field of climate science and politics that has inspired, or seemed to warrant any comment.  beyond my occasional cryptic contributions at other places (grin). The ongoing record temperatures and monotonic trend have rendered the contrarians into conspiracists or Luke warmers. The ineluctable rise, and other weather events, however much they may owe to El Niño, have made the die-hard denialists who claim the record is falsified, look like the lunatic fringe.

No radical science or breakthrough has changed the basic understanding of climate processes as far as I have noticed. But no radical breakthrough has changed the political field either. As someone who looks for graphical ways to communicate, the XKCD cartoon of the climate timeline was something I found deeply wonderful, and annoying in that I had not thought of it. I had been working on various ideas about timelines of the climate as seen in earlier posts  I fully intend now to {steal} adapt the xkcd cartoon idea for an animated version.

The second reason for not posting has been a serious loss of confidence in the reliability of my understanding of the political environment.
Brexit came as a shock.
I usually think I have a good insight into the general zeitgeist. For the months before I disagreed with my brother over the chances of a vote for Brexit. I judged it very unlikely. He maintained it was a distinct possibility. Both of us regarded it as an exercise in economic stupidity driven by misplaced parochial nationalism underlaid by racial xenophobia. Both of us also regard the EU as a deeply flawed institution that exists mainly to legitimise the regulatory capture of European democracy by commercial interests. But I thought the obvious uncertainty it could cause would tilt the vote in favour of the status quo however unpalatable. That the people motivated enough to vote would end up keeping hold of nurse for fear of something worse.

I Was  wrong !

Of course nothing terrible has happen yet. The sky has not fallen, just the pound. But then nothing has been done to actually break from the trading system we have been embedded in for the past 40 years. Scotland getting independence from the UK would be a much easier and simpler change to make than leaving the EU. Placating the sovereignty/anti-immigration faction while ensuring our banking and service economy is protected is not a squareable circle. Rejecting EU regulatory capture in favour of the UK version is not a net gain,
Interesting times.

I had a plan.
There was a central theme of the blog I was developing. Or at least I was sure I could see a unifying structure around the concept of time. This would range from the impact of microseconds, as with visual perception in the last post I made, through to the deep time of geology and cosmology. Including along the way the various drafts of movies and book reviews that engage with the future or the past to make a point about the present. The qualities and flaws of the film Zardoz could be discussed with reference to how the past {1970s} saw the far future. Climate and its contingency would be a major theme.

My ongoing experiments in linking visual effects to music would cover the other extreme. I think music reveals something deep about how we subjectively structure and experience time. Music may appeal because it duplicates and reinforces out inmate mechanism that creates our sense of a temporal flow. None of this was really formalised. No map, plan or network had been drawn. It was just at the vague hand waving stage but I thought it could be done.

And then the events of the summer left me doubting my judgement and questioning my arrogance in thinking I could make a comprehensive, and comprehendible body of work when I could be so wrong about a major real world event in my own back yard.

To compound this doubt and apprehension that the world was changing in ways I did not understand, I was watching the Resistible rise of Donald  Trump.
Like most outside the US I was watching in horrified fascination at what appeared to be a Grand Guignol political  theatre.
SURELY they could not be serious !!!
Before he started campaigning it seemed almost plausible that he could be a novelty candidate. Despite his birtherism and ridiculous hair he might be thought marginally credible.
And then he announces that Mexican migrants are probably rapists, states as fact things that are demonstrably untrue and turned out to be even worse as a political figure, and human being than anyone could have imagined. The hair turned out to be the least fake and tasteless thing about him.
And he kept winning.

Again my brother with better direct knowledge of America kept warning that Hillary is viewed so negatively that Trump could win. So since Brexit I have been watching nervously and with growing wonderment the unfolding political spasm of US politics. it could be Brexit all over again. only worse,

This is written on the 9th of October 2016 and it seems like even Trump has gone too far. Or at least the MSM has found a ‘gotcha’ that is even worse {at least to Americans} than shooting someone in the middle of Fifth avenue. I suspect Trump could get away with that, just claim self defence and assert they were a terrorist sent by Hillary.

But his recorded comments about trying to fuck a married woman and how fame enabled him to just kiss any woman he found attractive or grab their pussy.. .

SURELY that destroys any chance of Trump winning.?!

I know it has been said before, when he disparaged Sen McCain for being a POW, mocked a disable man, suggested a woman reporter was menstruating, accused a GOP candidates father of involvement in the Kennedy assassination, still claims 5 black teens jailed for rape and exonerated by DNA evidence and the confession of the actual rapist are guilty.
Attacked the father of a dead veteran and suggested he had sacrificed as well by being a rich player in the casino and hotel business. Fat shamed a beauty contest winner. That was in the past, but when confronted with it doubled down, attacked a judge for having Mexican parents…
I sure there are more I have missed out from this list

So this post is a hostage to fortune. If this revelation does not burn Trump then nothing will. Part of the reason I think it does is the peculiar prudery of US social attitudes. It was noticeable that very few of the main media would report the word fuck. It was referred to as ‘lewd language’. Not many could bring themselves to print the word pussy. Some used asterisks, or coyly mentioned ‘private parts’. And it looks like Trump still does not understand the nature and seriousness of his transgression. His first statement in response was a non-apology. He said he regretted the LANGUAGE used and apologies IF {IF !!!} anyone was offended.

That misses the point. The worst thing about his statement is that it reveals he DID those things. his confessed actions are the worst aspect, bragging about is only marginally less unpleasant. saying fuck and pussy are the least of his problems.

This prediction of his political demise will look extremely foolish and my confidence will again disintegrate if he does survive or even gets a moderate share of the vote while losing

One thing that does give me some hope that the world does make sense, or that I can still make sense of it, is the response of his supporters. I went looking at the alt_right and Breibart to see how the non-PC media were handling it. There I found the best case for Trump and defence of his latest transgression. It is possible to make an intelligent and rational case for Trump. Admittedly you have to start with the premise that all government is bad and taxes are theft. That the present US government is especially corrupt and must be replaced with a new system. It also requires a lot of false equivalency between Trumps ‘Locker room style braggadocio’ and the predatory paedophile Bill and lesbian mentally damaged abuser of her husbands women, Hillary.

It is a statement from the REAL billionaire, someone who is definitely a lot richer than Trump and who is the money behind the gilded throne. Unlike Trump he has a coherent political agenda. As the main contributor to Trump he has also had a say in who works and advises him. When the first bumps in the road happened {or perhaps the 5th or 6 bump, it has been a bumpy ride} Trump campaign manager went and Breibart editor  Steve Bannon and political spin doctor  Kellyanne Conway were parachuted in. Both are long time servants of the money man.

Here is the Bob Mercer statement
But it was the comments by his still devoted followers that followed that makes me think this counts Trump out. Meltdown does not begin to describe it. There was defence, this would make Trump more popular with black and Latino men because they were not wussies like white liberals. (the assumption that ‘those sort’ also talked about women and behaved like that and so would approve?!)

Over a hundred posts followed the news that McCain had withdrawn his support. All dismissing McCain as a traitor to America for supporting Hillary and who should be mocked for getting captured by the Viet Cong. It was suggested that the whole Bush family should be deported after Hillary is locked up because it was his cousin who Trump is recorded talking to about trying to fuck Nancy O’Dell and grabbing pussy. The conclusion was that in revenge for being beaten the Bushs had gone over to the Hillary {DARK} side and supplied the tape in an attempt to sell the US to the globalist NWO liberals. The intensity of the response confirmed this is a profound hit,

The occasional poster that tried to suggest it was damaging in any way was shouted down. And told that any polls that showed a drop were fixed and fraudulent, the real true patriotic Americans would see through this whole corrupt conspiracy to try and prevent Donald from making America Great again and good would triumph over evil in these end times before Armageddon…

It was really incredibly reassuring.

It seems wrong to have a post without pictures or animation, I did have a bit more music and graphics in the works. Unfortunately as I had used a bit of a favourite Frank Zappa tune it was flagged within the day on Youtube for copyright and had to be removed. Apparently just under a minute of a long (7 min) work is not ‘fair use’ (sigh).
so I will just have to post something I made recently for reasons too complex to explain. duchamp1Perhaps it has some oblique linkage to the rest of this post, but probably not.

One response to “back again

  1. Commenting on politics? Even Mister Trump (who I’m predicting will win in a landslide)?? My dear Izen, you really have succumbed to the zeitgeist.

    I can hardly criticise, though – you’re posting rather more than me these days 🙂


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