The Earth is uncool.

In response to a wish expressed elsewhere that a graph showing the lack of a pause after 1998 was updated with the most recent data I had a go and got this.
In the process I discover that there is a fad again for animated GIFs.
This reminds me of the very early days when the flashing GIF was the height of cool, and packing the most into the smallest file size was almost an art. You certainly had to be crafty.

I discovered that in some ‘hip’ circles a GIF is a de’-rigour part of the interaction flow. So all very nostalgic, and I had forgotten how badly GIF deals with gradients and slow changes. They look awful and double the file size. File size is no longer such a problem nowadays. Although there is no point using up peoples’ data limits if they are accessing such pictures via a paid network. So it is useful that even in the latest version of Photoshop the save for web method of making a GIF animation still warns you that a 1Mb file will take nearly 10 mins to download on a 29kB dial-up modem.

I wanted to take a look at the surface temperature data in a different way in the face of all the dispute over warming trends, pauses and ENSO blips. While a very few have the statistical chops to make mathematically definitive statements, most people just use the eyecrometer. But this is especially sensitive to the top edge of any object, so inverting the familiar temperature chart can significantly alter the perception of what the changing data shows.

Here is an animated GIF looking at how UN-cool the climate has been getting with the graphics optimised for minimal GIF file size.


With due acknowledgement to Tamino for graphs I have mutated, and Greenman for the riff on the ‘This is not cool’ line.
If anyone want to use these, or has ideas for others I may be able to realise, use freely and let me know of any requests!


2 responses to “The Earth is uncool.

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I’ll try to find some time in the new year to write something more substantial. Meanwhile, enjoy the balmy British sunshine all that global warming must be bringing you by now 😉


  2. Elegant graphics, with some cheek. The second Uncool is great.


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