Back Radiation II. The video

As the last post on this subject was so popular,
here is the remake released straight to video.
Click below for the YouTube link and more-

This is a map, not the territory. And it is intended to be, like the London Underground map, schematic, not representational.

Albedo, thermal capacity, emmisivity and directional adjustments are all details of the real application that are omitted to make it easier to see and count how energy can flow through a thermodynamic system and result in back radiation from a object warmer than the deep space sink.

For the original post, diagrams, explanation and most of the content I have stolen,

credit to Eli Rabbet –


2 responses to “Back Radiation II. The video

  1. Might be helpful to show the Watt/m^2 outputs in equilib. 267 for blue and 133 for green


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