Three causes of climate change

The title is gratuitous click-bait.
There is no science, just a Gif animation I could not resist posting.

That’s it.


3 responses to “Three causes of climate change

  1. I think I’ve weaned myself off Global Warming for good.


  2. Good on ya Ozboy ! (grin)

    A few years back I realised that my enthusiasm for the evolution-creationist debate was not righting the wrongs of theologically inspired anti-scientific attitudes. Just a means to encourage self-education at best, and tribal virtue signalling at worst.

    Transfering my efforts to the climate change dispute may have initially felt like taking on a more socially relevent issue. But I did grasp quite rapidly that it was again mainly an exercise in partisan polarization where involvement had more to do with bolstering your own sense of self-righteousness than making any significant contribution to the larger social issues.

    However it can be a lot of fun, and does prompt one to expand your personal knowledge of a subject by exposure to a wide range of views and alternative interpretations.
    I had the added motivation that it could be the vehicle for my forays into graphics and animation!

    As a result I find my own continued participation has been limited to those issues where there is an opportunity to explore visual rhetoric through animation. And the epistemology of knowledge. So I did recently enjoy a discussion about the Nature of Truth triggered(!) by Jordan Peterson’s recent videos attacking the scientific validity of understanding. It was another chance to pursue my antagonism to Platonic Dualism if nothing else!

    I hope you family and work are providing better rewards than involvement in the virtual blog wars. IIRC you were exploring hypnotism in a counselling environment? A subject that is notoriously banished from serious scientific consideration not least because it is largely incompatible with all the current conventional theories of mind, consciousness and autonomy.
    Despite its pragmatic successes.


  3. Indeed my life has taken a very different direction since I backed away from blogging. I did promise to write to you a while back, but work, study and family commitments have literally overwhelmed me these last few months, so please forgive me.

    I agree blogging was fun, but I have since realised that any real progress in issues such as human and environmental welfare must begin at the most fundamental, grassroots level. Political grandstanding is just so much hollow bluster, as I’m sure you would agree. I haven’t changed my opinions on the subjects we debated online back then at the Bar and Grill, but after seeing up close the human devastation wreaked by the Tasmanian bushfires in 2013 I decided to roll my sleeves up and spend my days doing something personally, rather than just talking.

    Hope you are travelling well, and the video graphics are progressing apace.


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