A metered response

A passing comment on a blog -(Irony meter hit full deflection…) – prompted a graphic response.

So I did a couple more…


One response suggested an interesting use of a pen with diminishing ink to denoteĀ  progress in marking (?)

I may add more as ideas arise, or are suggested in comments. Perhaps some meters showing a positive responses would balance things.


Or something with Nixie tubes…..

As requested…

For open use, ask if you want your own version.

13 responses to “A metered response

  1. Please, sir. may I steal them all?

    Or tell us where to get the GIF’s


  2. Please do!

    Right-click, copy image, SHOULD work…
    If you have trouble downloading them, let me know in the comments and I will endeavour to find a way to make them more easily accessible.
    (As long as it does not involve DropBox!)
    Any suggestions for edits, alternatives, modifications are welcome.

    Ahh… Just checked and WordPress seems to block a right-click download.
    However if you right-click and choose ‘open image in new tab‘ then you can ‘save page‘ in Chrome and you get the Gif file.


  3. Brilliant! Perhaps a pedant-o-meter?

    Many thanks for the marking-o-meter, could you make a version with a plain white background (so I can adjust the scale for the number of items and add in the course code etc.)?


  4. Check your inbox for a link ?


  5. A Pedantometer is definitely on the list.
    The game is to find an appropriate meter or measuring device to match it.
    The barometer for climate change attitudes, and the nixie tubes for the Dunning-Kruger counter seemed… just right.
    The shrinking biro ink is an even more inspired matching of data and display !

    So what vintage device would best be used to measure pedantry…?


  6. Whatever it is, it needs a very fine scale, vernier calipers perhaps?


  7. Perhaps have the jaws of the caliper close so tightly that the thing being measures bursts?


  8. The optimal pedantometer would be a pedometer modified to measure the number of steps across the lecture stage


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  11. dikranmarsupial

    Another meter that would be handy is a troll-o-meter where the needle is barely registering, to be used as a response to blatant trolling that is so inept that the temptation to take the bait is negligible.


  12. Good idea, see above !
    Might have to do a special version with an R and L missing…

    For those interested the hi-res original video versions of some of the meters above are now available on my YouTube channel.
    I have also added a playlist of an ongoing project to make abstract visual backgrounds for music which you can get to from the extra page under the YouTube menu. More explanation there…


  13. dikranmarsupial

    Perfect, LOL! ;o)


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