HOW2inAE- Wavy lines and rippling ribbons

I recently noticed a fad or fashion (probably over now) for animated curves as a secondary animation to engage attention, but not distract, from the main text/image. This tutorial video for AE revisits a very old way of creating such effects.


Wavy hair, twisting ribbons, wriggling bars and water ripples turn up in various places. there have been a number of AE tutorials on the subject, showing everything from hand-animated, multiple wave effects stacked and shape layer lines with a smooth zig-zag.
The last was by E C Abrams, a source of ideas, inspiration and techniques in AE that I would highly recommend for anyone with an interest in using AE to its enormous potential, or just for insight into how to put together animations, graphics and videos.

All this reminded me of the days when computer graphic software did not cater for much animation. The limited set of geometries and transformations restricted the possibilities. As did the need to keep file size small for dial-up download speed. If you gif exceeded 50k…

So this method of making wavy lines that undulated slowly, or ripples emerged despite the limitations, not as an obvious application of them.


Computer stability when recording delayed this posting. As is evident, the audio and video were created separately and edited, or at least stuck, together.


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