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Written in the Past

This essay is a nostalgic tribute to one of the early wonders of the evolving internet from just a decade or so ago that provides an important insight into deep time.

The history of our planet is encoded in the rocks. The chemistry and structure conveys their age and the environment in which they formed. But the language is limited until life adds a complex new alphabet to the rocks in the Cambrian. The fossils of Life dictate the story of the Earth and all life upon it, as it has evolved over more than 500 million years.

This is how Cladistics and the hyperlink combined to provide a deep insight into our place within Earth history in which form and content reach an elegant synergy.


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Insubstantial analogies

I have delayed posting because I wanted to put together something substantial, or at least coherently substantive, about our perceptions of the future and the past. Or at least a bit of visuals and sound that satisfied my aesthetics.
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Indulgent Self-reference

Or possibly ,
referential self-indulgence, or even,
self-indulgent self-reference…

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First Post

izen is the anonym I use to post and blog about any stuff and nonsense that I feel like writing about.

My interests run from Epistemology,   I am deeply unconvinced by Platonic Duality and can easily get diverted into the complexities of Popperian falsification, circular validations like that which uses logic to justify the use of logic and the implications of the Godel and Church-Turing work…


epicave_100To the most ephemeral and trivial of details about obscure music and animation creation.

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