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Calories and Climate.

There are many seductive similarities between the problem of too many calories causing obesity, and too much fossil fuel causing global warming.
There are fundimental differences as well. I am well aware that some of the following comparisons stretch the metaphorical Youngs modulus well beyond the linear range.

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Climate Depression an optimistic outlook

The five stages of Acceptance

or the way in which people cope with unwelcome news are commonly described as –

denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Several commentators have applied those stages to the climate change issue as a metaphor about the way various groups have responded to the finding that the unrestrained burning of fossil fuels is very likely to to impose significant and unpredictable amounts of warming,  changes in ocean chemistry and unprecedented changes in sea level. Continue reading

AGW! Why Worry?

AGW? – Why Worry!              An animated discussion.

This is an attempt to cover the basics of AGW and why responding with action on emissions is not only justifiable, but a clear necessity given the present conditions and the indications from past events. Here is the video, comments welcome!

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It Tol’s for thee

Post-mortems of other blog threads are not something I would favor, but this recent episode generated such a series of quotes from a ‘name’ economists that I could not resist the opportunity to preserve them while the memory is fresh…
otherwise I will be unable to find or remember them later and would find it hard to believe he actually SAID that!

Just after Christmas I found myself involved in a discussion at the ‘And Then There’s Physics’ Blog with Noted Economist (at least in his own opinion) Richard S J Tol.

I will start after I had questioned his assertion that nothing in climate change was a major concern. –

Richard S.J. Tol says:
December 30, 2014 at 10:14 am
Please be a bit more specific. Why are ocean acidification, agriculture, or sea level rise major concerns? Why is greenhouse gas emission reduction the best way to lessen these concerns?

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First Post

izen is the anonym I use to post and blog about any stuff and nonsense that I feel like writing about.

My interests run from Epistemology,   I am deeply unconvinced by Platonic Duality and can easily get diverted into the complexities of Popperian falsification, circular validations like that which uses logic to justify the use of logic and the implications of the Godel and Church-Turing work…


epicave_100To the most ephemeral and trivial of details about obscure music and animation creation.

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