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It Tol’s for thee

Post-mortems of other blog threads are not something I would favor, but this recent episode generated such a series of quotes from a ‘name’ economists that I could not resist the opportunity to preserve them while the memory is fresh…
otherwise I will be unable to find or remember them later and would find it hard to believe he actually SAID that!

Just after Christmas I found myself involved in a discussion at the ‘And Then There’s Physics’ Blog with Noted Economist (at least in his own opinion) Richard S J Tol.

I will start after I had questioned his assertion that nothing in climate change was a major concern. –

Richard S.J. Tol says:
December 30, 2014 at 10:14 am
Please be a bit more specific. Why are ocean acidification, agriculture, or sea level rise major concerns? Why is greenhouse gas emission reduction the best way to lessen these concerns?

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