I have a longstanding hobby of messing around

with animation and computer graphix.

Here are a small selection of past projects and test renders at my



When the ongoing farce of Brexit or Trumpanalia gets too absurd I divert into playing around with the different effects that the graphics software can produce. The result are serendipitous animations that are intended to provide a visual backdrop to music.

They are not edited to a specific mic, or even tempo, just made with enough variation over multiple timescales that they appear to match the music.
No taste or judgement is expended in making these, they are as much a distraction as an intentional composition.
Because YouTube has a strict music copyright system, I am unable to put any known tracks. So I have used the YouTube library of songs longer than 4mins, which is a limited selection, to edit over the visuals. In most cases the tracks were picked and placed at random. More recently I have been using my nephew’s music and making direct visualisations of the sounds.

Some Bars, Clubs and other venues now have large rear screens or projection systems as well as a lighting rig. An event with a DJ playing dance, hip-hop, electronic tracks might also have a sound to light system projecting onto the back walls, or screens. A JV is someone who plays the visuals as well as the music, or the tasks may be split. Most of these experiments have been influenced by the VJ loops that can be seen on YouTube and videos of live events that used background visuals.

In the event anyone would like their music cut to a visual loop, or would want a copy of the HQ mp4 without the YouTube music and processing, please leave a request in the comments.

Here are links to some of the vj loops uploaded so far;-