It is that time of year again when a local music festival in which friends and relatives are involved approaches. So here is a little bit of animation to advertise the event.Chiddfest-1
Click below for the link and more…


It started in 2014, tents, beer and music in a field outside of town. Last year was bigger and better, but kept the informal relaxed day out feel.
This year …?

So each year I have tried to do a little promotional video, for the fun of it. Here is this years effort –

There is a lot of 3D generated animation and modelling involved in this.largely because the only idea I could come up with was to convert the poster into 3D space and ‘construct’ it. It was a good excuse to play around with object construction and animation, but lacks the ‘mystical’ subtext of last year when I put in the Long man of Wilmington and the crop circle that was on Google maps.
last year –


One response to “Chiddfest

  1. Looks like a fun event and a very worthy cause. I’d show up myself if I lived a little closer. Best of luck with it.


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